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Christine Gibbs
Christine Gibbs

Memoriam - Christine Gibbs

It is with great sadness that EAVDI comunicates that our dear coleague Christine Gibbs (BVSc PhD DVR HonFRCVS) has passed away in May.

Christine Gibbs was one of the great pioneers of veterinary radiology. Together with Kevin Kealy, Peter Suter she was one of the three grandfathers/grandmother of the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging. 
Her contributions to the veterinary scientific literature were ground breaking. She was a regular speaker at national and international veterinary radiology meetings. She received many awards and acknowledgements of her work, but the Christine that many of us knew, respected and loved wasn't grand at all!
She remained unassuming, dismissive of her own achievements, and always more interested in what was next on the horizon. At heart, Christine was a born teacher, keen to help younger colleagues to develop their knowledge and skills. 
Perhaps Christine’s most important professional legacy therefore lies in the successive waves of students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and colleagues who worked with her, absorbed a small part of her knowledge and skills, and recognised the value of her meticulous approach to every patient. She was forthright, for sure, but was always kind.
Christine was a great role model for thoughtful clinicians, radiologists and for women in the profession. But she was more than that; she was a very good friend to many. She was also great fun, a good cook and warm host, enjoyed travelling widely and loved her garden.
Christine died in May 2023. When we last spoke, in December 2022, she was looking forward to a busy Christmas with her sister’s family despite being part way through a second course of chemotherapy. Typically, she was in a positive frame of mind, mentioning how much she had enjoyed local outings and meeting up with old friends during 2022. She was hoping for one more spring, and we can be happy that she achieved this.
Tribute written by Frances Barr, Nic Hayward and Susanne Boroffka

First Published: 07 June 2023