Joining the EAVDI

Thank you for considering membership of the EAVDI.

We are currently constructing a new membership-payment system for this web site, in the mean time if you would like to join the EAVDI (or EAVDI-BID if you live or work in Ireland or the United Kingdom) please complete the following membership registration form. The secretary will then contact you to make the relevant payment.




If you live or work in the UK you will be automatically enrolled into the British and Irish Division (EAVDI-BID)

In the near future you will then be able to enter the private areas of EAVDI on the web site and enjoy its new image and functionalities.

Ordinary Membership

Ordinary membership of the Association is open to members of the veterinary and medical professions and to other suitably qualified workers who are interested in the aims of the Association.

Membership Period

Our membership period is twelve months from October of each year. You can of course join at any time.


Please complete the following form. The secretary will then contact you to make the relevant payment.

Basic Information

This part of our application form asks for your basic information such as name and qualifications. 

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