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Joining the EAVDI

Thank you for considering membership of the EAVDI.

To join the EAVDI or EAVDI-BID (British & Irish Division if you live or work in Ireland or the United Kingdom) please complete the following membership registration form. The secretary will then contact you to make the relevant payment.


    Ordinary membership of the Association is open to members of the veterinary and medical professions including students and to other suitably qualified workers who are interested in the aims of the Association.

  • FEES

    The EAVDI membership fee is £28 a year.  If you live or work in Ireland or the UK you will be automatically enrolled into the British and Irish Division - EAVDI-BID.


    The proposer and seconder should be current members of EAVDI/EAVDI-BID. Once we receive your application form the persons you indicated will be contacted via email to confirm their support to your application. If you do not know any current EAVDI members please tick the box below. The EAVDI-BID chair and secretary are happy to support new member applications.


    Our membership period is twelve months from the date of first registration.

    Please complete the following form. The secretary will then contact you to make the relevant payment.
    This part of our application form asks for your basic information such as name and qualifications.
Please Tick if you have 'No Proposer' or Seconder Available?

Upload a File?

Below: If you choose to verify your application with a document please click the button below to upload a PDF file.

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